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Intelligent Design

Bit Garden is committed to intelligent design

Intelligent design describes software and technology solutions that are visually intuitive, workflow tailored, efficient, and complete. Each of these qualities is neccessary for a custom software solution to work well in a customer's environment.

Visually Intuitive

For software to be visually intuitive, it must present a simple and consistent user interface that can organize the complexity of business processes and data for the user. What to do next should always be readily apparent to anyone using the program.

Workflow Tailored

The way in which a software program implements its features should follow the way the company does business. A successful business should not have to significantly alter its work flow for the sake of adopting new software. Though this seems obvious, almost all boxed software and a regrettably high percentage of custom software projects fail to adequately conform to customer business practices.


When we discuss efficient software, we are concerned about the ability to accomplish the common day to day tasks quickly with simple, straight forward screens. Often, 80% of our interaction with software programs finds us doing one or two common tasks with a couple of scenario variations. It makes sense to optimize our screens toward handling the most common tasks and scenarios while attempting to maintain consistency and simplicity in handling other tasks and scenarios.


The complete solution must be able to handle all the possible scenarios that will be encountered upon its use in business. This is one of the most challenging aspects of any software development project. Valid business scenarios can often be overlooked, and documenting and providing for those special cases is time consuming and easy to neglect. Bit Garden expects that real software use is key to catching overlooked scenarios. We employ itterative development practices to deal with unforseen needs.

At Bit Garden, we are committed to growing solutions that are easy to use, and solutions that manage as much of the work for you as possible. Intelligent software design principles guide our system design and user interface creations. Our software will save you time and money by helping you do business more efficiently.

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